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The meaning of home economics

1 home economics refers to the management of the family business. "Governance" refers to the Administration and management, which consists of three elements: first, planning and decision-making; second, leadership, direction, coordination and control; the third is references, supervision and appraisal.
2 governance refers to the family in this small group, and all or part of, matters relating to family life, it comes with an "official" means, in addition to containing "events" meant. In practice, it requires us to focus on major events and events above, or grasp the matter of global importance. Of course, the big things and little things are related to each other, things cannot be ignored.
3 still means family life are the rules or code of conduct. Family life needs to have something about the Act and regulations, written some provisions after consultations formed an oral agreement, some became unwritten customary rules in a longtime. They are comprehensive, there are individual, such as the learning and entertainment, often requires special provisions.
4 Government refers to family life and practical knowledge and skills and techniques. Family Affairs are very specific, very practical people of accomplishment, recognition, management combined with daily behavior can indicate their intention, to realize their aspirations.
in short, home economics in the family on various matters related to each Member of the family to carry out scientific knowledge, scientific management and practice, in the interest of peace and comfort of family life, ensuring the harmony of family relations and close, as well as the comprehensive development of the family members.
under the People's Republic of China domestic workers defined professional standards, we often referred to "domestic" refers to family services, namely domestic workers as required for your service family house, taking care of their family members, as well as matters relating to the management of family behavior.

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