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From the sleeping position nine character

1, NAP---belly down, if you are a lying on the bed all night, you may be a spirited and quite self-centered. You force people to adapt to their own needs, think what you want is someone else wants, probably doesn't care about other people's feelings, or with a lax attitude in dealing with this kind of feeling. Is time to give up this position.
2, sleeping on your side---lying on his arm and body curled up sleeping position instead, you are a gentle, polite, sincere and lovely person. However, there is nothing perfect. Your whole focus must start with building your self-confidence, learn to accept mistakes and imperfections, and to understand the cost of personal growth, happiness will follow.
3, sleeping on your side---lying on one side and this shows that you are a confident person. Thanks to your efforts working, will succeed no matter what you do. This pillow arm side of their habit. Such gestures indicate they will become a powerful people.
4, side---sleeping curled up with this position of the body clear demonstration of your insecurity, so you will have a mentality of selfishness, jealousy and revenge. Because you are very easy to get angry, so the people around you have to be very careful, avoid touching your sore, irritated you.
5, sleeping on your side---bent than a knee your personality a little to easy to surprise and delight. You always like to whine and complain about East complained about the West. So it is conceivable that another alias that you might call nervous. You can easily be nerves or excessive response to things. You have to tell yourself that life is no big deal, learn to relax!
6, lie flat---limb is big lay flat free, warm hearts! Mmm! This posture to show your sincere personality. You are a matter of feeling comfortable lovers and admirers of beauty. But you're a wastrel (but fortunately, you can earn enough money). Your personality with an unpleasant characteristic of CI Ma I good---you tube free mind, and worse is that you look like gossiping. Who wants to be your next protagonist of the story?
7, lie flat---arms resting on the back you have a high degree of wisdom and commitment to learning. Sometimes, however, you are full of fantastic ideas, making it difficult to understand, difficult to follow in your footsteps. You are good at taking care of their families, but the problem is it's hard to fall in love with anyone, a little bit elusive, isn't it?
8, lying cross upturned feet---the cross-legged position usually have narcissism, get used to life inherent in the model, so it's hard to accept the changes in their lives. Solitude may be the end of your subconscious the best choice. In other words, your problem-solving skills are pressed down by your patience.
9, others positions---limbs because his body didn't even under the barrage of memories, you will feel lonely and depressed, sinking in the past failures and frustrations. Because of this, you are like a hesitant, stuck and indecisive man, gives others the impression as if it has gone in your life.
10, other positions---quilt cover from head to toe you exhibit in public and dignified, very handsome, careless personality, but buried deep in your heart a shy and weak. If you encounter difficulty problem, you would rather endure this kind of pain and suffering, rather than asking for help. No wonder when you go to bed often at stake. BACK