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30 after enlightenment

30 yihou only understand: to sincere thanks waiting you life of people, because he is you life of Harbour; to smile face had hate had of people, because he let you more strong; sincere thanks had love had of people, because he let you knows has love; to thanks betrayed you of people, if he, you on not knows world; on you had secretly like of people, to really wish he happiness, because you like he Shi is hope he happy; on worth trust of people, to good and he along, life in the met not to several sincere of friends or real of confidant.
    till 30 years later understand that man's emotions do not like being controlled by women, particularly do not like to be too clever woman-controlled, not only lose self-esteem, but also distorts the soul. They need peace heart to heart communication. Emotion without distinction or, less need to control and master, the feelings are the natural free flowing and deliberately controlled and will never have true meaning. World of sincere emotion, spiritual understanding, also need to let nature take its course even communion. BACK