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Such circumstances must see Feng Shui

&Nbsp;  the influence of traditional family values, keep the House in the heart of everyone's status is particularly important. Sometimes, the House is just the same as at home, no House, no home. And now housing more interest is at the time of construction, rather than whether Feng Shui problems.
    in order to become a real House in later life to suit your home, you need to buy a new House, decorating the House before the House's Feng Shui.
II, and moved into new homes Hou shipped potential change is obviously
    moved into new homes Hou, and moved Qian of shipped potential occurred has is big changes, such as health status, and children learning, and couples feelings, and fortune, and career shipped, aspects, if moved Hou than original shipped potential good that happy, if than yiqian good words, is may is new homes of Feng Shui problem, need be attention.  
three, home to the surrounding environment has changed a lot.
    external environmental impact on household Feng Shui can not be overlooked, especially those we introduced before sharp corners, reflection, red, anti-arch is often due to the opposite building, surrounding roads, bridges and other forms.
    so if if new buildings have been added, such as buildings, roads, bridges, rockery, sculpture, stone, water, and so on, someone had better see if have a bad effect on your own Feng Shui for early targeted conditioning.
four, a House converted to other uses
    home because a family member in new layout changes, for example, getting married, original people lived in the House, they will do a new House and a child, original study into children's bedrooms; and some friends had two guards to other uses; ... ... And so on, all those things, means a new beginning, the saying goes, "well begun is half done".
five, suddenly some kind of misfortune
    some Feng Shui problems accumulated to a certain extent from quantitative to qualitative changes, impact on the occupants may be characterized by certain unexpected changes suddenly, but careful analysis would find that the existence of such risks, if not radical, may also have follow-up questions.
VI, family health has been poor, cure effect of
    and sometimes, family members will say some very serious, but not to cure diseases for a long time, this may be a home Feng Shui because of the adverse factors, needs to address the Feng Shui.
seven, a horoscope has been successfully
    all of us, working very hard, the result is very prominent, but just don't have the leaders ' approval, always depressed; some people, there is little around insurrection; some people, always save money; some people, wants to have a baby but has been unable to do so; ... ... BACK