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Home Feng Shui on the balcony taboo

1. the balconies should not be facing the chop
days to cut the so-called, refers to a narrow gap between two tall, because they were like from the air with a knife cut in half, so called day cut, often with blood disaster.
2. Balcony not facing the street up to the
If looking out from a balcony, saw the street straight, came like a tiger head on straight, lose in the House, is fierce in the Feng Shui pattern.
now vehicles increase, moving fast on the straight road vehicles and pedestrians will have a continuing interference of noisy waves, through continuous balcony impact households, disrupting the peaceful life magnetic field, have an impact on tenants quiet atmosphere is not conducive to the health of tenants.
3. Balconies should not face sharp-angle rush shooting
in traditional Chinese thinking, has rounded, particularly sensitive for sharp corners, is to note: Feng Shui also "pointed rush shot picked," said, because it will cause home upset, illness. If the balcony pointed in front of impingement, must try to resolve. Common pointed, mostly the sharp corner of the adjoining building, the headlong pointed, tip the more ominous, more convenient more risks.
4. Balcony not zigzag building
some European style house, in order to increase interior space and light na wind, extra large Bay Windows, so it is easy to form a sharp corner for exterior wall, looks like a row of sharp serrations.
5. Balconies should not face anti-bows bent straight by the way
the streets of the city, if looking out from a balcony, saw Front Street bends and corners into the balcony, similar to the crossbow to the home open to shoot, this is the "anti-bow Street" pattern. Can give a shelf full of climbing plants or place potted plants, making it isolated from both inside and outside.
6. Balcony doors should not be being
because of limitations of the modern urban housing, residential structure, General door and balcony, how to solve this problem?
If the balcony is on the door or the kitchen, blinds can be pulled as isolated for a long time. Can also porch Ark barrier between Gates and balconies, or hang a Hickory-safe bottles.
7. Kitchen balcony not being
This is a so-called "thrust", will make the reunion of the family function, husband cheating, wife cheating, but children don't like coming home.
French door curtain to the balcony or on the terrace on the line between kitchen and, without affecting the live action on the principle of Cabinet or screen cover, in short, is not to let a balcony through the kitchen.
8. Balcony not pierced
now many buildings like openwork balconies, ventilation and lighting, and to emphasize the so-called European style.
in fact, this balcony with glass, make Feng Shui "knee void" taboo, they are outdoors, could easily see my wife's lap, this pattern can lead to release of money, were but thin. Virtual on the real, the thrust of the Feng Shui, so if the knee free air. It should be avoided as far as possible. BACK