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Eating good raw or cooked cucumber Miao

Summer is coming, crisp cucumber, became the first choice for many a summer appetizer. However, most people are dominated by raw food, dipped in soy sauce, tossed salad. However, movement against Tian Xikou hospital housing suggested the people, cucumber eating healthier when heated.
cucumber contains abundant nutrients, containing vitamin c, beta-carotene and potassium, also contains the element of restraint to multiply. Therefore, from the viewpoint of nutrition, it is very suitable for people on a diet of vegetables.
is a cool cucumber food ingredient 96% is water, to get rid of body heat, eliminating heat detoxification effects. Thinking of traditional Chinese medicine, cold foods not good for blood circulation, prevents the metabolism, causing various diseases. Therefore, even in the heat of the summer, the long heating cucumber House Dean recommends everyone eat, not only to retain its swelling effect, can change the nature of their cool, and avoid all negative health effects on the body.
cooked cucumbers cucumber directly is the best way to eat cooked food, though slightly in taste to fry, but nutrient value can be well preserved, but also relieve puffiness in the summer. Eat cucumber is the most appropriate time before dinner, be sure to pay attention to, to eat other food before eating. Because cooked cucumber has a strong detoxifying effect, if the most advanced into the body, and can later absorption of food fats, salt water corrosion and eliminated from the body. Stick to this method, can also play a role in losing weight. In addition, the cucumber soup is a good choice.

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