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Elderly care

      1. Daily care
      care elderly health care, help the elderly, such as laundry, bathing, safety for the elderly with mental disabilities.
      nursing care for the elderly, such as feces and urine and daily physical health.
      helps patients timely replacement position, prevent bed sores from occurring, keep blood circulation and lungs open.
      often helps the old man activities, massage for the elderly as needed to prevent stiffness or muscle strength decline.
      maintain good living environment for the elderly, such as bedroom suitable temperature and fresh air.
      living of elderly care, proper nutrition diet
      spiritual care, often chatting with elderly, making them cheerful, full of life.
      help the elderly to exercise, arrange schedules, and maintain the safety of elderly people.
      2, health and care:
      secondary treatment of common diseases
&Nbsp;     3, daily meal making
      nutrition for the elderly, personalized daily meal making
     />      family meal soup Mental comfort
      4,/>      chat, story-telling, newspaper reading
      guidance accompanying the elderly, keep in good spirit
       5. Daily housekeeping services
      clothes washing and maintenance operation and maintenance of household appliances
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